Monday, February 4, 2008


Okay, so I haven't posted in a while-Again! I have been out of town and had a minute so I thought I would attempt a small post. I will be home in about a week and will post again sometime after I unpack. I was sure hoping to get lots of stuff done on this trip but have only gotten my two books read and the neck gaiters done for the soldiers so far. I did mail my charity contribution for this month's project for AC4C already though. I plan to attempt some blankets for this months project. I cut my group memberships down a few so I can keep up since I am going to be going back to school soon and possibly getting a part time job. Wasn't sure I was going to be able to keep up with them all. So my big WOW moment was that I was sitting here reading my last book I wanted to get read while I was away and hit my cup of tea and knocked it over right into my basket of yarn. My basket is a laundry basket and it was carrying all my ongoing projects right now which are my baby raglan sweater, my log cabin afghan, my neck gaiter (the last one), my crochet afghan I have on my hook that I posted a pic of when I first started this blog, my La dentelle belle scarf, and the yarn to the baby blocks knitted afghan (which was also posted when I started this blog but I took it out to start it over with bigger needles), along with some other yarn for various other little projects for when my hands get sore. Needless to say there was green tea all over everything. YUCK! Ruined the crocheted afghan, stained all the light colored yarn, wet ALL the yarn and my notebook with the patterns-it was a huge mess and it all pooled in the bottom of the basket so the yarn just sat there soaking up the tea YIKES! I have to start over on everything except the sweater and the neck gaiter. They say things happen for a reason so I guess we will see why this had to happen, maybe for more yarn therapy-I mean shopping-I mean....well you all know what I mean. LOL. I am hoping to still be able to use the white yarn when it dries but not sure if it is possible or not. I hope everything is going well in y'alls little corner of the world....
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