Sunday, August 10, 2008

Not Exactly My Craft but a Great Gift Given to Me....

This was made for my by my aunt Judy and aunt Julie on the Bevins side of the family-long story-Isn't it gorgeous!?!

FInally adding pics of lap rug and hat for OZ

Here is the lap rug I finished for the elderly in Australia-the AC4C July project for Oz. Here I show the front and back in two of the pictures. One side has lines which you can see in the close up shot and the other two pictures are kinda folded in ways where you can see both sides together.

Here is the hat I finished to go with the booties for the AC4C July project for Oz. My lovely new baby doll is modeling the hat for me.

Hope everything is going great in Y'alls corner of the world. Now off to the AC4C August project....