Monday, October 20, 2008

What I have been up to lately....

Well, I have been so busy lately I almost forgot I had a blog....I started going back to school and also a part time job which of course I am not used to doing so I am exhausted much of the time. But enough about that....Here are some pics of what I have done lately....
The tube socks turned out great. They are knitted and I loved them. The grafting part was a little tough for me but I will learn it. I tried a new pattern for a 7" square for AC4C and it turned out pretty good also-it is crochet. I made this miniature wreath for Ships Projects for the Ornament "drive" they are doing to send overseas. I am going to try to make a neck gaiter to go along with this ornament. The final picture is of my first adult slipper ever. My daughter decided she wanted a pair of slippers since I was making all these baby booties so I tried my hand at making one. I don't have the match done yet but am working on it. I made a mistake on this one so unless I make the same mistake on the second one they won't match so I will be making a third haha. I will post when that is taken care of. I am in the process of making a baby blanket for my cousin's baby and finishing up these slippers for my daughter as well as of course homework and my job. I will post again soon....Sorry it has been so long....Hope all is well in y'alls corner of the world.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Not Exactly My Craft but a Great Gift Given to Me....

This was made for my by my aunt Judy and aunt Julie on the Bevins side of the family-long story-Isn't it gorgeous!?!

FInally adding pics of lap rug and hat for OZ

Here is the lap rug I finished for the elderly in Australia-the AC4C July project for Oz. Here I show the front and back in two of the pictures. One side has lines which you can see in the close up shot and the other two pictures are kinda folded in ways where you can see both sides together.

Here is the hat I finished to go with the booties for the AC4C July project for Oz. My lovely new baby doll is modeling the hat for me.

Hope everything is going great in Y'alls corner of the world. Now off to the AC4C August project....

Monday, July 28, 2008

Wow it's been a while!

So I hope all is well in y'alls corner of the world. These booties are for the July AC4C project and going to Oz (Australia LOL) I am making a lap rug (lapghan) and a baby hat to go also. I am almost finished with the lap rug (lapghan) so I will add that picture as soon as I finish it. I have been pretty busy lately with all kinds of regular life stuff but it should slow down here soon. I have a class starting in September that will last til end of October/beginning November. That will be great. I am also going to Virginia Beach for two and half or three weeks at the end of August until the beginning of September. So busy there but will slow down after that hopefully. Well, more pics as I get more items done. Take care....

Here is another lampshade cover for my mother. She had another lamp she needed to have a matching cover for in case she moved the lamp to the living room where the other two are. That makes 3 for her-guess she likes them LOL.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Finished Raglan Sweater YEAH!

Finally finished the Raglan Sweater today. I believe it is going to fit a toddler maybe 12 months to 2 years depending on child size. It did turn out good for my first involved sweater and not just a garter stitch one like in an earlier post. Can't stay on puter long BIG storm coming through. Hope all is well in y'alls corner of the world.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Mom's Crochet Topper

I finally finished the crochet topper my mother wanted to take on her cruise. I made it in homespun even though it called for another type of yarn because my mother liked these colors. I got the free pattern sheet from a Michaels. It worked up fairly easy for my first actual adult wearable item. I wished the pictures turned out better but these are the best ones that I got. I probably should have had a model for this one eh? LOL....

Half Square Kerchiefs

Well, these are the kerchiefs I made for my nieces with different views on my lovely model. They made up pretty easy and I think they are going to love them. I got the pattern free at:

Friday, May 2, 2008

My first ever baby booties

AWWWW! Aren't these just the cutest? These are my first ever pair of booties or anything that resembles socks, booties, slippers-anything. This pattern is free on Bev's Country Cottage website (link at bottom of my blog) called Bev's stay on knit booties for newborns. They are knitted and were so easy to make. I wish I had tried them before. I had looked at many patterns for knitting/crocheting baby booties but this was the one that caught my eye. Love them....
Here is a front view of the same booties. I sure think they are cute....Not a bad job for my first pair. I sure hope that this turns into more of a sock/slipper/booties making effort on my part. So cute....

Loomed hat to go with Cardigan

This is the loomed hat I made to go with the cardigan/sweater for AC4C's Cooper project. I added a little purple to it for added coloration.

This is the view without the lovely model....I wonder sometimes if I should use smaller photos? HMMMM....something to think about....

First Cardigan/Sweater

This is my first cardigan/sweater and you can get the free pattern at the lionbrand yarn website. I made this for Cooper at AC4C to go along with all the other stuff I made below. I forgot to put it in the bag so I am going to mail it tomorrow or Monday so it is mailed off by the 5th.

This is another view of the same cardigan/sweater even though it doesn't look the same color. The picture above is what color it really is. I hope some newborn baby can use it to keep very warm.....AWWWW.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Second Hat for Nancy in WY

Here is the second hat for Nancy in WY-my pledge is done. Now on to the sweater and hat set for Cooper.
Here is it on my lovely model. Her head is too small for the hat but it sure is cute....You can see pictures of my hats and a couple of other online friends from myknittingcircle's hats at Nancy's blog at Such a wonderful cause. I hope I can keep doing some hats on a regular basis to help out....

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cooper Gowns-One more time....

Okay, here goes the Cooper gowns one more time for AC4C with shorter sleeves so they can be used in the hospital. My sleeves were to skinny so got "permission" to give cutting them shorter a try and here they are. Still loving my model....AWWWW-she looks so peaceful when she sleeps....
Here they are without a model. There are 5 of them total to go to Cooper for AC4C.
You could probably take a look at the earlier post and this post and see the difference in the sleeves. I think even though the sleeves are shorter they still are so very cute and that they should work out fine now. What do you think?

What I have finished so far....

One of my friends from myknittingcircle, Nancy in WY, needed help making a couple of hats for one of her charities so we pledged to make some and this is my first one on dpn's. I am working on the second hat and it is going to be same size and slightly different style and a different color.
Here is a modeled version-Awwww-how cute!Here are the burpee cloths that Ginden designed from AC4C for this month's charity project for Cooper. She sent me the fabric and the pattern. I made all 12 and will be sending them at the end of the month.
Here are the 7 knit hats I made for AC4C's April project for Cooper.

Here it is being modeled by my other lovely model-Awwww-Isn't she cute?Here are the diaper gowns I made for AC4C's April project for Cooper. The pattern is Sew Young Sew Fun Serger gown. I made them as per pattern but the sleeves are too small. It was requested they be 3" and right now they are not. I am attempting to fix that by making the sleeves shorter and hope they can still use them at Cooper. If not, I will hold them for another project-maybe for a preemie project for AC4C.
Here is my lovely model again modeling one of the hats, which I didn't do right the first time which is why there is only 7 going to Cooper instead of 8. She is modeling the gown as well which is also a goof because my serger decided to give me issues and that is why Cooper is only getting 5 instead of 6. But, Awwww isn't she cute all dressed up?

I still have a pastel pink sweater (the pattern is a free pattern from the lionbrand website called Baby's First Cardigan or pattern #60132A) with a matching hat (will probably make it the same as the one in the beginning of this post-those are great!) I am working on for Cooper as well. It is not the one that is listed in my previous post of my sweater progress with the raglan sweater. I am also going to make the same pastel pink sweater from lionbrand for my preemie niece by the end of the month. I will post pictures when I get them all done. I hope everything is okay in y'alls corner of the world....

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Big Scoop

Hello to all again,
I have finally uploaded the picture of the other hat called The Big Scoop that I made for my mother to go with the others in a previous post. I didn't like it on me but it sure looks good on my mother. She is sure going to enjoy them on her and dad's trip to Europe.

Here is two views of it. It almost looks reggae style but looks different on....
See what I mean-totally different on. Have a great day....