Monday, May 19, 2008

Mom's Crochet Topper

I finally finished the crochet topper my mother wanted to take on her cruise. I made it in homespun even though it called for another type of yarn because my mother liked these colors. I got the free pattern sheet from a Michaels. It worked up fairly easy for my first actual adult wearable item. I wished the pictures turned out better but these are the best ones that I got. I probably should have had a model for this one eh? LOL....

Half Square Kerchiefs

Well, these are the kerchiefs I made for my nieces with different views on my lovely model. They made up pretty easy and I think they are going to love them. I got the pattern free at:

Friday, May 2, 2008

My first ever baby booties

AWWWW! Aren't these just the cutest? These are my first ever pair of booties or anything that resembles socks, booties, slippers-anything. This pattern is free on Bev's Country Cottage website (link at bottom of my blog) called Bev's stay on knit booties for newborns. They are knitted and were so easy to make. I wish I had tried them before. I had looked at many patterns for knitting/crocheting baby booties but this was the one that caught my eye. Love them....
Here is a front view of the same booties. I sure think they are cute....Not a bad job for my first pair. I sure hope that this turns into more of a sock/slipper/booties making effort on my part. So cute....

Loomed hat to go with Cardigan

This is the loomed hat I made to go with the cardigan/sweater for AC4C's Cooper project. I added a little purple to it for added coloration.

This is the view without the lovely model....I wonder sometimes if I should use smaller photos? HMMMM....something to think about....

First Cardigan/Sweater

This is my first cardigan/sweater and you can get the free pattern at the lionbrand yarn website. I made this for Cooper at AC4C to go along with all the other stuff I made below. I forgot to put it in the bag so I am going to mail it tomorrow or Monday so it is mailed off by the 5th.

This is another view of the same cardigan/sweater even though it doesn't look the same color. The picture above is what color it really is. I hope some newborn baby can use it to keep very warm.....AWWWW.