Monday, January 21, 2008

Just chatting about progress

So hello to all my yahoo group friends! Okay so I haven't made much progress since my last post except to say I have given up on the Cathedral Window. I did another couple of rows and just don't like the way it is turning out. I have officially put it away for future attempts (maybe) but I didn't frog it this time. YIKES! I am soooo irritated with this thing. I am still working on the sweater, the log cabin afghan, the crocheted afghan from when I first started this blog, my monthly washcloths of course, and my La Dentelle Belle scarf. I frogged the baby blanket from the first week of my blog to restart it in bigger needles. I think it will look better that way. I have been asked to work on a special project for the troops and am putting all projects on hold a bit for that. I need to knit some neck gaiters for them and mail them by the 7th of Feb. so I will make what I can by then and mail them. After that I will be back on track. I still can't believe me and the Cathedral Window. haha I don't know if it is me, the pattern, both or if I just plain don't like the thing. Oh well, on to other things for now and maybe SOMEDAY(lol) I will get back to it. I hope everything is okay in your corner of the world and have a great day. I am off to knit for the troops....
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