Monday, February 25, 2008

Alternate Wave 7" Square

One of the projects I got side tracked with is making squares for our new AC4C joiners by this months end. I am on the angora team-we took a real cute quiz to figure out which one you would be. I designed my own square in crochet for the project. This pattern is a multiple of 2 plus 1 chain so yarn and hook size can be adjusted for other purposes. Here is my square pattern....

Alternate Wave 7" Square


Any worsted weight yarn (this project didn't take up much yarn)
Size L crochet hook

Chain 21
Row 1 sc in second chain from hook and in each ch across (20sc)
Row 2 ch 1 and turn skip first sc (sc, dc) in next sc *skip next sc, (sc, dc) in next
sc and repeat from * across row finishing with a (sc, dc) in turning ch
Row 3 ch 1 and turn (sc, dc) in each dc across row finishing with a (sc, dc) in turning ch
Row 4 to 15 repeat row 3 for pattern
Row 16 ch 1 turn and skip first sc and sc in each sc and dc across to end
Bind off and weave in ends.

Please use this pattern for personal and/or charity purposes. If you are going to use this pattern please link to my blog. Thank you and Enjoy! Designed by Lily Hutton Feb. 24, 2008 Copyright 2008
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