Monday, December 3, 2007

Neck Gaitors (or is it Gaiters)

Well, I finished the neck gaitors (I ended up with 16) for my nephew. Now on to the snuggles project. I have one 14x14 garter stitch snuggle done and have started another one of the same this time using two strands of yarn and bigger needles. I have now started a monthly dishcloth club as well as a knitting novice club with yahoo and they are great. I am starting my first knitted washcloth with the monthly dishcloth club. Can't wait to see how it turns out. I also ended up with more fleece 6 inch squares in blue from the leftovers from the gaitors. Got two blankets 4x5 layed out to sew and enough squares to do the backs of the same pattern making them double sided fleece blankets. Plan to use some of the fleece squares for toys for the snuggles project making them various shapes and sizes and filling them with catnip (I think I said that in an earlier post;}). Guess we will see how much I can get done. Busy, Busy, Busy....
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