Saturday, December 1, 2007

Fleece Square Dilemma

Well, it looks like I can do many things with the fleece squares. This months AC4C project is snuggles for our beloved animal shelters and such. I think I can make catnip toys for my shelter in various shapes using some of these squares. That is what I am going to be working on starting next week. This week I am going to work on a project for my nephew and his class to help the troops. Such a small world because the patterns they are using for the projects they need are from another group I belong to called The Ship's Projects . I am hoping to help him with making as many neck gaiters that I can by the deadline. I will keep y'all informed on how it goes. I will also be working on some of the snuggle blankies for the pets at the shelter using some patterns from the snuggles website during this month. I already have one started because it ended up being a knitted square for another project with AC4C that was too big-they needed 12" squares and it ended up being 14 inches. Off to a good start....
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