Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What I have finished so far....

One of my friends from myknittingcircle, Nancy in WY, needed help making a couple of hats for one of her charities so we pledged to make some and this is my first one on dpn's. I am working on the second hat and it is going to be same size and slightly different style and a different color.
Here is a modeled version-Awwww-how cute!Here are the burpee cloths that Ginden designed from AC4C for this month's charity project for Cooper. She sent me the fabric and the pattern. I made all 12 and will be sending them at the end of the month.
Here are the 7 knit hats I made for AC4C's April project for Cooper.

Here it is being modeled by my other lovely model-Awwww-Isn't she cute?Here are the diaper gowns I made for AC4C's April project for Cooper. The pattern is Sew Young Sew Fun Serger gown. I made them as per pattern but the sleeves are too small. It was requested they be 3" and right now they are not. I am attempting to fix that by making the sleeves shorter and hope they can still use them at Cooper. If not, I will hold them for another project-maybe for a preemie project for AC4C.
Here is my lovely model again modeling one of the hats, which I didn't do right the first time which is why there is only 7 going to Cooper instead of 8. She is modeling the gown as well which is also a goof because my serger decided to give me issues and that is why Cooper is only getting 5 instead of 6. But, Awwww isn't she cute all dressed up?

I still have a pastel pink sweater (the pattern is a free pattern from the lionbrand website called Baby's First Cardigan or pattern #60132A) with a matching hat (will probably make it the same as the one in the beginning of this post-those are great!) I am working on for Cooper as well. It is not the one that is listed in my previous post of my sweater progress with the raglan sweater. I am also going to make the same pastel pink sweater from lionbrand for my preemie niece by the end of the month. I will post pictures when I get them all done. I hope everything is okay in y'alls corner of the world....

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